Citation Encore+ (Model 560) came from quite a long line of Citation family. Basically, every new model is an upgraded or modified version of the previous one.

Before Encore+ was manufactured, there was the Citation V (Model 560), which actually came from Citation II/SP. After Citation V came Citation Ultra (Model 560). Citation Ultra is a modified version of Citation V. Then, came Citation Encore+ (Model 560). Encore+ is an upgraded version of Citation Ultra with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and redesigned avionics.

The Cessna Citation Encore+ is considered to be the finest light jet ever built. It has the new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck, which makes the pilot operation easier and simpler. Aside from this, its 17-foot cabin is one of the longest in its class and was also redesigned. Combining speed, size, short-field performance and range make up for one business jet that can satisfy every need.

The aircraft has a trailing-link gear that makes landing smooth regardless of the runway’s surface.

The Encore+ has an external storage area of 43 cubic feet that can fit large baggage, golf clubs and even several pair of skis. The Encore+ is equipped with heated anti-ice leading edges.

The cabin can accommodate two crew and maximum of eight passengers. The new design is spacious enough for eight passengers to relax and roam around. The passenger seats can swivel or recline. There is a baggage space in the cabin as well.

A refreshment center is relatively larger than the previous model and can hold catering tray with plenty of room for hot and cold beverages.

A wooden sliding door separates a private vanity area from the rest of the cabin. And there’s a belted lavatory as well. A storage area is also available to stow toiletries, personal stuff and supplies.

Just like the other Citation Jets, a standard 110-power supply and fax/laptop port can be found inside the cabin as well.

By using the new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics significantly reduces pilot workload and at the same time increase efficiency. Having advance technology such as graphical weather and electronic charts gives a whole new sophistication to the Encore+ cockpit.

The Encore+ is equipped with Pratt and Whitney Canada PW535B turbofan engines. A dual channel FADEC is also installed in the aircraft.

General Characteristics
Crew: Two
Passengers: Eight

Maximum Cruise Speed: 793 km/h
Range: 3,297 km
Rate of Climb: 1,408 mpm
Take-off Distance: 3,520 ft
Landing Distance: 2,770 ft

Height: 15ft 2in
Length: 48ft 11in
Wingspan: 54ft 9in
Height: 57in
Length: 17ft 4in
Width: 58in

Ramp Weight: 7,725 kg
Takeoff Weight: 7,634 kg
Landing Weight: 6,895 kg
Usable Fuel Capacity: 2,449 kg
Useful Load: 2,935 kg
Maximum Payload: 1,039 kg
Full-Fuel Payload: 485 kg