The Cessna T303 Crusader is an American six-place light twin aircraft. Built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas, USA, it started life as a four seat twin, intended for light transport and training role. The Cessna Crusader received its certification in August 1981, After realizing that the market demand was for a larger aircraft than its predecessor which was the Cessna Model 303 Clipper. The Clipper was a four-seat low-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle type undercarriage and swept vertical tail surfaces.

The new model, was named for its turbocharged (and fuel injected) Continental TSIO520 engines.Itflew for the first time on October 17 1979 and the aircraft’s first production deliveries commenced in October 1981. For a time the T303 was named the Clipper, but this was changed to Crusader as PanAm held the rights to the name “Clipper”. After four years the production of the T303 ended: 299 airframes were built and delivered.

The 1982-built Cessna T.303 Crusader c/n T303-00109 was first registered in the USA as N7SX. The registration N7SX was cancelled as exported to Germany on 28 May 1992. The Cessna entered the German register as D-ICJL in 1992. And on 13 April 2007, Crusader D-ICJL visited Hoogeveen airfield in the Netherlands. The titles on the aircraft gives as operator Ashampoo Air Services, Ganderkesee. The Crusader is offered for sale via this company.

The T303 integrated a number of advanced features, being the first entirely new piston twin from Cessna in over a decade. The advancements included bonded structures around the integral fuel tank, a supercritical wing section and counter rotating propellers, while standard equipment included integral airstairs and a full IFR avionics suite (a first for its class, claimed by Cessna).

During production, only minor changes were introduced including the addition of anti ice equipment as an option in 1982, and in 1983 the rear cabin bulkhead was moved aft slightly which improved baggage space and allowed the placement of a cargo door.

Because of the decline in light aircraft sales in 1985, production of the Crusader wounded up as part of the general terminating prematurely what looked to be a flourishing program. The cancellation also fired up the rumours that Cessna planned to develop more powerful, pressurised, and turboprop powered versions of the aircraft.
Cessna T303 Crusader
Number Of Engines
Powerplant type
Continental TSIO-520-AE and Continental LTSIO-520-AE turbocharged
Max Power Rating
186kW (250hp)
9.27m (30ft 5in)
4.06m (13ft 4in)
11.90m (39ft 0.5in)
Wing area
17.58m2 (189.20sq ft)
Empty weight
1,499kg (3,305lb)
Max Take-off Weight
2,336kg (5,150lb)
Landing gear
Retractable tricycle type with a single wheel on each unit
Speed At Cruising Level
216kt (400km/h; 248mph)
Cruising Speed
196kt (363km/h; 225 mph)
Maximum Range
1,020nm (1,889km; 1,174nm)
Service Ceiling
25,000ft (7,620m)