The Cessna Citation Jet Series are American turbofan-powered business corporate business jets.

The original business jet model was Model 500, which was later called Citation 1. In 1989, Model 525 Citation Jet replaced Model 500 Citation 1. The new Model 525 Citation Jet has a modified forward fuselage and powered by 2 Williams FJ44. It also used EFIS Avionics and has single-pilot certification.

Not long after a modified version of Model 525 Citation Jet was developed. It was marketed as Citation CJ1. The modifications from the Model 525 Citation Jet were: a more advanced/modern EFIS Avionics Suite and an increase in maximum take-off weight.

In 2004, Citation CJ1 was replaced by CJ1+. It has the same airframe but with an updated Avionics, increased power and FADEC controls to allow the engine to be controlled by computer rather than from mechanical control.

The Cessna CJ1+ first flew in October 2004 and got its FAA type certification in June 2005.

The Citation CJ1+ interior can be described as exquisite and finely crafted. The windows, cabinetry and headliners were modified with new styling and design. The headliners come with auxiliary lighting and cabin ventilation. It has worktables that can be tucked into the sidewalls so there’s more room to relax. The refreshment center helps in keeping you refreshed throughout the flight. The CJ1+ has a nose and tail baggage storage area to keep the cabin clutter-free.

The seats can be tracked forward, aft and laterally and can accommodate up to seven passengers. Aside from the refreshment center, amenities also include: belted flushing toilet and LED indirect lighting.

A 110V power supply is available on board. A fax or laptop computer port is also available to keep you on top of your business.

The CJ1+ is equipped with the all-new, fully integrated Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck.

2x Williams FJ44-1AP engines power this aircraft. It can deliver more thrust than the original CJ1 powerplants.
Aircraft Facts

General Characteristics
Crew: One or Two
Passengers: Up to seven

Maximum Cruise Speed: 720 km/h
Stall Speed: 153 km/h
Rate of Climb: 3,290 ft/min
Range: 2,408 km

Manufacturer: Williams International
Model (Number): FJ44-1AP (2)
Power Output (thrust): 1,965 lb

Length: 42ft 7in
Height: 13ft 9in
Wingspan: 46ft 11in
Height: 57in
Width: 58in
Length: 11ft
Baggage Capacity: 45 cubic feet

Empty Load: 3,069 kg
Useful Load: 1,740 kg
Maximum Take-off Weight: 4,853 kg
Payload: 279 kg