The Cessna 350 Corvalis is a single-engine, four-seat, fixed gear, low-wing general aviation aircraft. Initially, it was called Columbia 300 when it was still manufactured by Columbia Aircraft. It was certified in March 2003.

Following the Cessna acquisition of Columbia 300, they changed the name to Cessna 350. But in January 2009, Cessna adopted the name Cessna 350 Corvalis. Corvalis was derived from the town name where the aircraft was being manufactured.

The Cessna 350 Corvalis takes pride in the comfort it brings, latest technology and speed that can outshine any other aircraft in its class. The aircraft is primarily made of E-glass and carbon fiber composites. Having been made from these materials can really enhance speed, performance and structural stability.

Safety has always been a priority in every Cessna plane. Cessna 350 Corvalis is no exception. An innovative restraint system, dual wing spars and lighting protection are just some of the safety features that are in Cessna 350 Corvalis. A three-point seat restraints increase pilot and passenger safety. A side-stick control provides a clear view of the instruments and controls. The baggage storage area can be locked and accessible through a rear exterior door.

The cabin design of the Corvalis is another reason that this aircraft captured the hearts of many pilots and passengers as well. Comfortable hand stitched leather seats, fully lined cabin walls, climate control system that monitors the cabin temperature and ample baggage storage area are some of the things that make Corvalis the most comfortable and classy single-engine cabin in the world.

General Characteristics
Crew: One
Passengers: Four

Engine: Teledyne Continental Motors (TCM) IO-550-N
Propeller: Three-Blade Constant Speed with Polished Spinner

Garmin G1000

Maximum Cruise Speed: 354 km/h
Rate of Climb at Sea Level: 373 mpm
Range: 2,584 km
Takeoff Distance: 2,300 ft
Landing Distance: 2,350 ft

Height: 9ft
Length: 25ft 2in
Wingspan: 35ft 10in
Height: 49in
Width: 49in
Length: 11ft 8in