The Cessna 190 and 195 “Businessliner” are a family of light single radial engine powered, conventional landing gear equipped, general aviation aircraft. Manufactured by Cessna between 1947 and 154, the Cessna 195 model was also used as a light transport and utility aircraft under the designation Cessna LC-126 by the United States Air Force, Air National guard and Army.

Occupying the aerial equivalent of classic ’57 Chevys or Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Cessna 190 and 195 are considered classic airplanes. To many, the 190/195 represent all that was good during the 50s, and these airplanes are highly coveted amongst collectors. A few can be seen flying the bush.

The Cessna 195 is considered to be one of the finest classics ever built. With roomy interior, all metal construction, radial engine, and beautiful lines, it is already in an elite class. When you consider its useful load, low fuel consumption and relatively high cruising speed, it’s really in a class of its own. The demand for, and popularity of these aircraft is booming, and support is now higher than it has ever been.

The Cessna 190 series was born from the award winning Cessna Airmaster. This became Cessna’s Business Class version. Plans for this project began previous to United States involvement in World War II. For the war effort, all civilian aircraft were put on hold while Cessna built “Bamboo Bombers” and Gliders. After the war, Cessna recognized the renewed civilian and business markets for aircraft and filled them in that order.

The first flight of the P-780 Prototype 190 took place on December 7, 1944. It had many of the correct components but the whole fuselage was fabric covered steel tube fabrication. Later prototypes looked more and more like the 190 & 195’s we know today.

Beginning with serial number 7003, production for the 195 began in July of 1947; Followed by the Continental powered 190 in October. Type Certificate A-790 governed the production of these two models as well as every model to follow. By the time of production the model series had approval for float and ski operations. All of these airplanes shared a common sequence of serial numbers. Serial numbers are not tied to model designations, because models were built in the sequence they were ordered by customers. Beginning with 7003, serial numbers ran through 7999, and then jumped to the 16,000 series, finishing with 16,183, for a total production run of 1180 planes. These numbers also included the 83 Military LC-126 varieties.

The Cessna 190 respectively Cessna 195 is a single-engine five-seat light touring and corporate aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company.
Crew 1
Passengers 4

Propulsion 1 Radial Engine
Engine Model Jacobs R-755-A2
Engine Power 183 kW 245 hp

max. Cruise Speed 287 km/h 155 kts
178 mph
max. Speed (vne) 322 km/h 174 kts
200 mph
Service Ceiling 4.877 m 16.000 ft
Rate of climb 332 m/min 1090 ft/min
Range 1.389 km 750 NM
863 mi.

Empty Weight 921 kg 2.030 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 1.520 kg 3.351 lbs

Wing Span 11,02 m 36,2 ft
Wing Area 20,3 m² 219 ft²
Length 8,33 m 27,3 ft
Height 2,18 m 7,2 ft

First Flight 1945
Production Status out of production
Total Production 1123

ICAO Code C190 / C195
Data for (Version) Cessna 195A
Variants 190, 195, 195A, 195B, LC-126A