The Cessna 175 Skylark is “a four-seat, single-engine, high-wing engine produced between 1958 and 1962.”* It was designed to fill the market between the lower-powered Cessna 172 Skyhawk, and the heavy duty Cessna 180.** The term Skylark was given to the deluxe version of the 175. This included a package of optional equipment and a special paint scheme. The engine of the 175 was 30hp more than the engine of the 172. A total of 2, 106 aircrafts were produced during its time. One of its main features as well is its tricycle-arranged landing gear. Although the same aircraft design was adopted in both planes, the 175 has a distinctive bulge in the cowling to accommodate the engine. Several variants were made from this line: the 175 Skylark, 175A, B, and C as well.

However, this aircraft had its unusual feature. Powered by the Continental GO-300 engine, the engine is not directly driven; it is run by a gearbox. Hence, the engine suffered a lot of reliability problems, which gave the model a bad reputation in the aviation world. This has changed, though, as many Skylarks now have been converted to direct-drive engines. Critics say, though, that this reputation was undeserved, since the engine failure could mostly be attributed to pilots who are unfamiliar with how the engine should be operated.

The Cessna 175 offers a comfortable riding experience for both the pilot and the passengers as well. Long journeys can be undertaken using this aircraft without the fear of aching, stiff limbs. The cabin is spacious, but it is said that the best feature of this aircraft is the uninterrupted views from all angles of the plane.